Marketing Not Working? 

Many businesses suffer from trying the latest marketing tactics and getting nowhere

It can leave even the most experience marketer uncertain about what marketing is needed and 

if anything is really going to make a difference to the bottom line.

What if marketing was easy to manage and results driven?

Strategy CODES

There’s an underlying strategy code that exists in every business. Once unlocked, it provides you with a blueprint to align your business and accelerate market leadership.

It’s the bridge between strategy and marketing that elevates your business to achieve results, fast.

For the first time, business owners, CEOs and marketers can have a framework to make improved marketing decisions.

CODES is a strategic marketing framework to clearly define your digital, marketing and communications strategy to get real results. It demystifies the digital landscape and provides the much-needed clarity to maximise the effectiveness of your marketing.

Strategy CODES helps you to uncover your business’s best marketing strategy and start seeing results today...


Our proprietary frameworks take your business from ordinary to extraordinary.

CODES is a strategic marketing decision tool that has 5 factors and consists has two sides the business (CO) and 

the market (DES) The overlap (=) is the brand, the promise to the market.


In every business lies one of three ways to create value for your market. Once decided, it determines 70% or more of your marketing direction.


All marketing focuses on one of three key objectives and, when combined with your Core defines the structure for your campaigns, website and email automation.


The Core defines your brand proposition or promise to the market and defines messaging, tone and affects your potential market buyer behaviour.


Your market buys their desired transformation. There is one of four core desires your market wants to achieve from buying your product or service.


In any market, there is a level of education and entertainment required before they’ll convert or buy, which defines your content and social media strategy.


The market segment defines the best social and search platforms for you. Our EFX research method uncovers valuable insights for market leadership.

Delivers Your Business New Marketing Capabilities to better Compete


Unlock Your Marketing Potential And Start Finding Customers Who Want You

Are You Ready To
Take Control Of
Your Marketing?

Hello, I'm Chris

I’ve spent the past 29 years in strategy and marketing having worked with multiple billion-dollar companies such as Nestle. I’ve launched brands that overtook major national players within 3 months, delivered websites with 900% ROI and campaigns that drove 14x ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend) for large-scale service based businesses.

One of the biggest challenges I continue to see in businesses of all sizes, is knowing what marketing they need.

“This led me to create Strategy CODES a simple framework to unlock the marketing potential of a business and lay out the blueprint of how to effectively attract, engage, convert and deliver new business.”

The methods and strategies I share have been responsible for developing some of the strongest market leadership positions.

Without them, you’ll waste your time with effort guessing how to get your business into gear. With it, you’ll eliminate all the guesswork and see real results and new customers every day.

The Number One Reason Why Online Marketing Fails Is

Misalignment to
the Strategic Objectives

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of unique reasons your business could be struggling and ultimately unless we address those as quickly as possible, failure from running out of cash, being over committed and not getting customers, is likely.  We developed Strategy CODES to combat this. It gets you to make a few critical decisions which means you're more likely to succeed in the long run and help laser focus your marketing so you're not wasting time, money and effort in the wrong areas. 

Once you have your Strategy CODES plan you can decide to brief an agency to implement it, or let us help you or your team do the implementation. What we found is if we upskill your business in the first few years of operation, you're more likely to succeed in your marketing efforts and beat the competition. Relying entirely on agencies can mean be hit and miss, but at least with a Strategy CODES plan you'll be more likely to succeed. The other reason we like to get you involved in the marketing is it demystifies it and you're much more likely to be passionate about watching the numbers, seeing the trends and then will know what needs to change compared to an agency that is only looking at once a month. That's why we changed our business model to better suit a solution that ultimately makes us redundant and you successful.

CODES combines the fundamental framework that successful companies have, into an easy-to-adopt method. It combines five elements that are used to structure your marketing. Don’t take our word for it, if you schedule a call today, we will share the CODES framework with you immediately, and you’ll quickly understand how knowing this will transform your business and your marketing.

The Strategy is the critical piece for the training and mentoring, it sets up what the business should be focused on. Without it your marketing just isn't as effective. It helps you and us decide the right path, how quickly you'll see results and much training or mentoring you'll need. If it's a matter of timing because you need cash in quickly we can do some emergency triage on your marketing to help. Please let us know that in your first session.

The training focuses on the core activities required to delviery the strategy and the results. We give you simple step-by-step training so you can draft, build or buy your marketing like a pro. The mentoring is anywhere you get stuck, want something reviewed or checked or need an expert to do it for you. The mentoring let's you see behind the scenes and means you can feel confident your on the right path. Unlike normal training courses or consulting we are upskilling you to be able to market your business effectively. In the future if you ever need our help you can just purhase a once off session to help. 

This comes down to how much you can get done we typically recommend no longer than 2 weeks between sessions and no sooner than once a week, unless you have a deadline. That gives you and your team enough time to implement the tasks and be ready for the next activity. We keep you on track and accountable so your investment in building your business returns a result. 

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