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All too often business owners feel their marketing is out of control. They are getting told to do this or that and nothing is working. Worse yet is when something starts to work but then as you try and scale, it costs you more than when it was just ticking along. 

If you feel like your marketing isn’t being managed and you’re unsure of what is needed, then you’re not alone.

As a business owner or CEO you’re busy enough with customers and operations making sure you’re delivering for your market. Every time to try to get your marketing back on track you feel more frustrated and fed up with spending money that never creates a sustainable result.

That’s where Strategy CODES mentoring & training can help.


Every business needs some help keep their business on track and their digital and marketing services delivering results.

The unique strategic code in every business, once unlocked, provides the blueprint to accelerate your market leadership

It puts you back in the driver's seat to make effective marketing decisions for your business and start seeing sustainable results. 

There are two ways you can access our services; Mentoring or Training  or both. Any package you choose will uncover your Strategy CODES and give you back control of your marketing.

Strategy CODES 

Strategy CODES unlocks the right marketing activities for your business and helps you make clearer decisions. There are 5 factors that once identified, provide the blueprint to discover your marketing priorities. 

Most importantly you’ll discover what activities are more likely to create faster results for your type of business irrespective of the industry product or service

It show you how to structure your marketing. That means what is absolutely necessary on a page or a post to make it convert, what tone and style of copywriting and how to nurture your market until they are ready to buy.

Strategy CODES Mentoring

If you feel you have a good handle on marketing or have an internal team then Strategy CODES Mentoring may be the answer. 

Mentoring sessions cover anything and everything. We’ll dive into your current marketing strategy and uncover what needs to be tweaked or changed

Each session provides real time guidance and support from copywriting, to reviewing your agency performance. We help you prioritise and clean up your marketing so it is spot on. 

So whether you need advice on marketing metrics, what the scope of your website should include, or how to write effective ads, we have you covered.

Strategy CODES Training

If you want to build in-house capability then Strategy CODES Training is the right choice for you. By knowing your priority areas for your business from the Strategy CODES session, we’ll put together a custom training program that runs for typically 12 to 24 weeks depending on your needs. 

It takes you or your team through every aspect of marketing that is needed for YOUR BUSINESS. That’s right we don’t waste time on training on things that won’t benefit you. That focused training means you don’t waste a cent on trailing new marketing tactics that won’t work.

The one-on-one training style means we make sure the concept is understood and can be actioned by your team.

Strategy CODES Training & Mentoring

The training and mentoring system alternates each week so you get realtime support and have a new market activity to complete every two weeks. It’s perfect for any business that wants to get the most out of expert marketing support.

It means you have marketing assets in development and we are working together on the current activities making sure they are keeping on track. 

It’s the great value for money to upskill you and your team as well as keep things moving in the right direction.


$765.00 Total Incl GST

The very first step in get things right is a Strategy CODES Session to unlock what marketing is right for your business. There are two, one hour sessions where we firstly uncover your codes and in the second session decide the priority areas. We provide a written report and recommendations. 
We cover everything for the Marketing Strategy, Channel Strategy, Content Strategy, Social Media and much more.

At this point you can choose to take the strategy and run with it yourself or let us help you implement it.



  • These are guidance sessions not specifically training sessions. We work with your team to review campaigns, materials and assets to ensure they delvier results.
  • Ad Performance
  • Copy Editing Support
  • Design Suggestions Changes
  • Website Audit
  • Organic Content Review
  • Content Plan Review
  • Email Copy Review
  • Technology Stack Review
  • Brand Review
  • SEO Effectiveness Review
  • Backend Assistance for Website 
    or Advertising Platforms
  • Review Forecasts
  • Review Marketing Proposals
  • General Marketing 
  • Support Questions

Minimum 4 sessions 

Expiry 2 months



  • We will train your team on the items you need for successful marketing.
  • Funnel Structure 

  • Copywriting

  • Social Posting

  • Landing Pages

  • Ads copy and design

  • Video Scripts

  • Email marketing

  • Marketing Technology

  • Marketing Roles and Recruitment

  • Marketing Metrics

  • Market Research 

  • Offer Creation

  • Website Scope, Design and Copywriting 

  • Marketing Compliance & WCAG

  • eCommerce & Online Cart Optimisation

  • Product Descriptions

  • Direct Response Copywriting

  • Creating Downloads and Lead Magnets

  • Brand & Design

  • Value Propositions

  • Creating Dashboards

  • PPC marketing Search and Social

  • Online Reputation Management

Minimum 6 sessions 

Expiry 3 months

Frequently Asked Questions

In order for to reach a market leadership position, your marketing needs to closely align to your business strategy. After 27 years of planning, Chris found that most strategic plans rarely get implemented, and hardly ever align with the rest of the company.

The process does just that. Every part of the strategy becomes a tool for your team to make the right decisions, take the right action and realise the goals.

CODES combines the fundamental framework that successful companies have, into an easy-to-adopt method. It combines five elements that are used to structure your marketing. Don’t take our word for it, if you schedule a call today, we will share the CODES framework with you immediately, and you’ll quickly understand how knowing this will transform your business and your marketing.

Start-ups are unique and need to be treated differently. CODES contains two different frameworks depending on whether you’re establishing your strategy or need to provide due diligence and market testing of a concept. There is a critical point during the first two years of operation in any business that, once clarified early, will vastly increase your likelihood of success. Click here for more information.

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